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Hello! I really enjoyed your game so far! It had an interesting style and sense of humour as well as being rather challenging at the same time! I hope to finish the game in another video but until then here's my let's play on your game~

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just tried to download for osx and win - and it works / probably there was some issues w itch downloads / sorry

Works for me on Linux! Superb graphics and sound. Is there any way to save the game?

What Linux you use? On my Manjaro Linux it doesn't work. It start, I see the Unity logo-animation, but after that nothing happens, and after a while it quits.
The windows version works under Wine, and I can play it, the only problem that the fullscreen doesn't work.

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The download doesn't work. The archive is corrupted (windows version).

Mac version too. =/

Hey! I would love to try your game, but the download isn't working, at least for mac version. :(


Hey, it's possible was having some download trouble. Do you mind trying again?

Wow! Congrats for your game!!! I love it!